Living Beyond Dementia

australis 2This is my very first post, on my new website, Living Beyond Dementia. It will become,the portal for the positive things about dementia, with as much information as I can find, evidence based, anecdotal, and other, about the very real possibility of living beyond a diagnosis of almost any type of dementia. For me, after the first couple of years of sadness and hopelessness, and after almost spinning down the learned helplessness pathway, it has become the Olympics of my life!

27 thoughts on “Living Beyond Dementia

  1. Fantastic darl! Just don’t make a rod for your own back & write when you feel like it, ok?
    If you’ve got particular themes in mind let me know if I can help with any references (I’m doing it for the #KiamaDFC future users’ website in any case).
    Love to you from Veda & me. 💪💋💋💪


    1. The ONLY thing I think will ever make this site, is how to live beyond the diagnosis, and how to rise above the dreadful Prescribed Disengagement still being dished out to everyone… regarding that rod for my back, I have one permanently in place hahaha


  2. I look forward to reading this blog, Kate! I keep telling myself all of the positives in helping care for my dad. I really admire what you are doing. I don’t know if you realize it, but you are helping all of us. Thank you!


  3. Hey SuperKate, I think this blog is really a good (and much needed) idea. I too look forward to this new venture of yours! The premises are excellent, the creative mind behind them is beyond awesome… All the best my friend xxxx


  4. Wow that’s as hard a task as being a Care Partner. You wouldn’t believe it some people don’t seem to like the term Care Partner? Your blogs and insight are like music to my ears: nearly as good as Wiilie and Merle’s.


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