An update on Bredesen’s research

Thanks to a special friend in the UK for alerting me to this via email: “Another amazing link worth watching , it’s a recent interview on CBN with Dale Bredesen, who is an international expert in neurodegenerative diseases.  The interview covers discussion about the Bredesen Protocol which is successfully reversing cognitive decline in persons … More An update on Bredesen’s research

Preventing dementia

It may be too late, but I definitely recommend registering for this free session if you’re interested and available. The more we learn about treating or preventing dementia differently, whilst the drugs trials continue to FAIL, the better in my opinion. Definitive Guide to Alzheimer’s Prevention Aff Workshop V2

Living a good life with dementia: it is possible

Living Well, Even With Alzheimer’s Many people have the idea that Alzheimer’s disease is a one-way street to inexorable decline, but patients can remain active and engaged. By Gayatri Devi Nov. 3, 2017 9:46 a.m. ET Seven years ago, Joe, a 73-year-old man with a patrician bearing, came to see me at my Manhattan office with … More Living a good life with dementia: it is possible


It’s been a long time between water holes since I was here, as they say in the desert! “The RestoreU METHOD targets the many causes of your memory issues to allow you to maintain your independence, daily activities, and lifestyle. It customizes a treatment plan that is your own. Designed solely for you. In recent clinical results, 76% of patients on the RestoreU … More uMETHOD