An update on Bredesen’s research

Thanks to a special friend in the UK for alerting me to this via email: “Another amazing link worth watching , it’s a recent interview on CBN with Dale Bredesen, who is an international expert in neurodegenerative diseases. 

The interview covers discussion about the Bredesen Protocol which is successfully reversing cognitive decline in persons with MCI, and with Alzheimers and Dementia diagnosis’s. A recent Multi Author paper published last October shares the successes of the protocol involving 100 patients living with a Dementia diagnosis – well worth a read. 
There is definitely something good going on here, which is offering a chance of real hope, improvement of symptoms and also prevention.
Sorry for the group email, but you know me, always keen to share positive news when I hear it.” (SHA)
I’m well aware there are many sceptics out there, but in reality, lifestyle changes and at least feeling healthier more generally are hugely beneficial outcomes for everyone, even if it doesn’t slow or reserves someone’s dementia.
In fact, a new study was published in the BRAIN journal recently that’s very good news for older persons, as many of the very same sceptics have been diagnosing older patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, it turns out, don’t actually have it. Interestingly these people are supportive of this research, yet scathing of some innovative research that may lead to even greater outcomes.

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