One would have to say, I am managing to live beyond dementia, and alongside of it, in spite of the dark days. Last week, my first book on dementia, titled What the Hell Happened to my Brain?: Living beyond dementia was officially released, as pictured here. I am thankful to Shibley Rahman for the image … More #LivingBeyondDementia

Suffering is optional

Whilst I have not been publishing each day on my original blog since Christmas Eve, and won’t for the rest of the year, I realised, thanks to an electronic reminder, that I have not published anything here for December. The goal for this blog when I first set it up in September this year was to post at least … More Suffering is optional

Is living beyond dementia easier with money?

The following is a comment posted privately to me on Facebook about my last post Living well, living better, or living beyond dementia?; ” “Thank you!! I have heard so many negative comments about the whole “living well with dementia” campaign.  Maybe some people have money to do the things they did and are not restricted by their … More Is living beyond dementia easier with money?