Living a good life with dementia: it is possible

Living Well, Even With Alzheimer’s Many people have the idea that Alzheimer’s disease is a one-way street to inexorable decline, but patients can remain active and engaged. By Gayatri Devi Nov. 3, 2017 9:46 a.m. ET Seven years ago, Joe, a 73-year-old man with a patrician bearing, came to see me at my Manhattan office with … More Living a good life with dementia: it is possible


It’s been a long time between water holes since I was here, as they say in the desert! “The RestoreU METHOD targets the many causes of your memory issues to allow you to maintain your independence, daily activities, and lifestyle. It customizes a treatment plan that is your own. Designed solely for you. In recent clinical results, 76% of patients on the RestoreU … More uMETHOD

Support to live positively with dementia

“Barriers to Helping Patients Live Well There is a recent surge of new diagnostic modalities and therapeutic options for many neurologic conditions. As a result and combined with the time constraints and regulatory requirements that neurologists (and all health care professionals) face, this can create situations in which detailed disease management, rather than the healing … More Support to live positively with dementia

Fasting for your health

As a long time Transcendental Meditator, I’ve experienced the benefits of regular fasting since I was 21. In the search for information about brain health, regular fasting also seems very important. This is an interesting article on a study about the benefits on our immune system of fasting for 72 hours. Reminder: my blogs … More Fasting for your health