Moving beyond the failed science of curing dementia

This is a recent article about Professor Dale Bredesen’s Research. This and similar approaches are still the closest things I see to hope for those diagnosed in the early stages of dementia, or anyone wanting to reduce their risk of dementia.

Read the article here…

Image source: screen shot from Dale Bredesen’s Facebook post

2 thoughts on “Moving beyond the failed science of curing dementia

  1. Thanks for the info Kate. I’ll take those tests to our GP, especially those for thyroid, magnesium & hormones.

    One of the 1st things I looked at after V’s Dx was diet (and supplements). But I soon realized that she wasn’t going to continue with all those pills.

    Metabolism is so critically important. V’s was “shot” when I met her, so I’ve focused on her love of good food, rather than a regime that I knew she would never follow (no pasta? no chocolate ice cream? 😉)
    As her metabolism improves, so her need for exercise increases. I don’t know if this will last (she gave up exercising more than 3 years ago) but I hope so. She’s so much happier.

    One thing about Memantine. There’s still no double blind longitudinal study on its effectiveness when used alone, though Pr. Banerjee’s new work on rare dementias may include that. V has had no adverse effects in 3 years. Her neurologist (one of Pr. Hodges’ “disciples”) sees no reason to discontinue it.

    Finally, what does it cost to do the recommended testing? Is any of it covered by Medicare or the PBS?


    1. Hi Lynda, I’ve no idea RE costs for all the tests; I suspect it depends who you see, whether you are a public or private ‘patient’ in Australia. The Bredesen Protocol, when done under some trained in it can get very expensive. Which of course is why most of us self manage. We simply can’t afford it. I’ve emailed Bredesen many times, but no luck on making it affordable for us all! Hopefully one day this approach will be mainstream and affordable but I very much doubt it will be in my lifetime. There are currently too many dissenters to this approach, so I keep reminding myself the first person who thought the earth was round and not flat was killed. Guess the next generations may benefit. Fingers crossed. X


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