My questioning brain…

Ok, so anyone who follows me here, or indeed my other blog, will know I’ve been a strong believer of the Bredesen Protocol.

A few weeks ago, I was inspired to see this Protocol differently. In particular, the fact that MPI Cognition refuses to make their list of trained practitioners public is what is making me question.

It has also ensures I am a little bit cross!

If we have to pay for a one year subscription ($75/monty) to gain the name of a practitioner in our area, then still pay the trained practitioner, as well as fund the various tests and supplements, then it becomes totally unaffordable. It is therefore unreachable for those people diagnosed with MCI or dementia who are trying to reverse or slow the progression.

When I complained to them, MPI Cognition did at least give me the names of trained practitioners based in or near Adelaide, but I’m still waiting on a reply to my last email to them as Chair of DAI…

Is it a scam? Many will tell you it is.

Does it really reverse early stage Alzheimer’s Disease and MCI? Their research says it does in some cases.

But I question, is it only doing so, because not all people diagnosed with MCI will go on to develop dementia anyway? It also appears there has been a reclassification of MCI, so people in the trials may not have had an early Alzheimer’s type dementia.

Furthermore, clearly, following this or a self managed version of this protocol will mean that we will feel healthier and happier anyway. Eating better quality food and exercising and sleeping more definitely improves our overall health and well being. That’s been proven time and time again, for all sorts of diseases and health problems.

DAI also provides many of us with a new ‘lease of life’ that may in fact, be part of why some members ‘feel much better’. Perhaps rather than only the protocol, it’s as much about the engagement, meaning and feeling truly valued again that returns after joining a DAI peer-to-peer support group or getting involved in our many activities, that has made the biggest difference.

As always, there are so many things to consider or reconsider, and so much more to research!

So for now, whilst I still have belief in the Bredesen protocol, I will not be subscribing to them for a year.

But I will definitely be maintaining the self prescribed program I have been following for almost 8 years, that seems to  have worked quite well in slowing things down for me. It has reduced my ‘suffering’, and it has increased my well being; my clinical tests and imaging last year also show it has slowed things down in some of the cognitive domains.

There are so many things I will continue to to question. These are just a few of them!

9 thoughts on “My questioning brain…

  1. Your post was timely as I had been looking into the Protocol for my step brother’s wife but was weary to suggest it because of the cost and fact that there is no access to who the practitioners are. They live in Canberra. I did however get the Broken Brain summit and so will tell them about that. Only just came across your blog tonight so will have a closer look at it too 🙂


  2. Thank you for this post. You have highlighted a great truth about healing, that when we feel valued and supported we can access our inner resources.


  3. Count me as a sceptic too. If they are truly a legit company, there would not be as much secrecy. Staying healthy and making good choices will help all of us.


    1. I’m having a real dilemma, as I do believe in the science behind the Protocol, but equally believe lifestyle changes have a huge positive impact anyway, as so many of us are already proving, albeit anecdotally! Which is still valid evidence. I do though, think it’s totally unreasonable not to make their trained practitioner list freely available.

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      1. I have been under the care of Dr Mary Kay Ross, who works with Dr Bredesen. As a Registered Nurse, I too believe in the science. My experience has been the Practirioner was excited to have me start (and pay) for the program, but she lacked follow through with my program. Just this week am I getting my supplement protocol revisions based on tests results – which were completed 4 months ago. There are too many disappointing examples I could give, but won’t take up your time. It is an extremely expensive program, – ongoing tests, supplements, and $650/hour doctor visits. I don’t know how they will be able to successfully help the volumes of people with this life threatening disease due to their unreasonable costs and lack of follow through. Hopefully those that are able to pay, will not experience the unprofessionalism that I have. It was a disappointing experience.


      2. It’s interesting to read of your experience, and very disappointing. I was so excited when Bredesen started training practitioners but find the costs of signing up to MPI for 12 months and then the costs of the practitioners, tests and supplements is prohibitive for the majority of people.


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