Reversal of cognitive decline 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-05 at 11.06.11 AMI’ve not been blogging much lately, barely monthly here, and certainly not daily on my other blog like I used to. I suppose though, it is good to report the reason why is I am actually too busy living beyond dementia to have the time!

However I am keeping up with Prof. Dale Bredesens’ latest research, and do recommend you read about it, in particular is if you or someone you know is newly diagnosed with a dementia. This approach may be too late for those in the later stages of dementia, but my intuition, nursing background, own personal experience with dementia and my commonsense tells me it is on the right track.

Get to know how the Bredesen Protocol and the 21st Century approach factor into the reversal of cognitive decline.

You can watch his latest video here:

“Dr. Bredesen has released a follow-up study to his 2014 publication, which first introduced a personalized, programmatic approach to combat cognitive decline in individuals displaying varying degrees of memory loss associated with SCI, MCI, and early Alzheimer’s disease.

In his 2016 paper, Dr. Bredesen offers up ten case studies of participants treated with the protocol for a period of time ranging anywhere from five months to two years. The results show unprecedented improvements in hippocampal volume and quantitative neuropsychological testing.”

Read the 2016 study in full here… or download here: Reversal of Cognitive Decline 2016 Bredesen


4 thoughts on “Reversal of cognitive decline 2016

  1. In your opinion, this protocol might work? Are the four parts totally understood and do we have the ability to intervene? Could be very exciting but as you know, we have been down “these paths” so often that it is almost hard to “believe!” What say you?


  2. Thanks for this Kate something of a reality check for me. I fear it is too late as Maureen’s dementia is progressing so rapidly with a diagnosis of ‘moderate to severe dementia’. My focus remains minimising distress and bargaining for the best deal possible so we can continue to enjoy our lives together: she will not be warehoused!!!!!


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