Reversing cognitive decline: one testimonial

One day, I will join up the dots, and turn my three blogs into one. However, today is still not that day! Anyway, for those who follow me here, but may not follow me on Creating Life with Words: Inspiration, love and truth, I’ve realised I posted an important blog for that site, as follows.

Professor Dale Bredesen has been doing research into reversal of cognitive decline, which I have bene following now for more than three years. Frankly, as a person diagnosed with dementia, and who has self prescribed a pathway very similar to this protocol, I am incredibly excited about it, and intend to become even more committed to it soon, by having all the testing suggested and following the protocol more precisely.

I’m struggling though, to understand why the world is not jumping up and down with excitement, as if we were reversing cancer, perhaps even curing it, the media frenzy would be incredible. The public would be very interested too I would think? Yet, this research has not been getting a lot of press, and it has even been given some negative publicity. My occasional cynical self, wonders of course, is ‘Big Pharma’ behind that? Reversing dementia or MCI, without drugs, is almost unthinkable!

Dr Dave Jenkins is working with patients in Australia and New Zealand, and today, I want to highlight his first testimonial (with permission) on my website. Reversing some types of dementia, it seems, is possible. People once also thought the earth was flat! Do watch this testimonial, it really is the beginning of change, and importantly, for those of us already diagnosed, REAL HOPE.


2 thoughts on “Reversing cognitive decline: one testimonial

  1. Kate, I tend not to believe these kinds of things. However, I do tend to believe my own experience as well as that of people I know and trust. I’ll be interested to know what results, if any, you notice when you follow the program more rigourously. X


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