Healing Story of the Month: August 2017

screen-shot-2017-08-11-at-06-10-22-e1502397095256.pngThanks to a new friend Peter S, for sending me this blog from a website called The Radical Remission Project. It is yet another example of how lifestyle changes can and do reverse or at least slow down dementia.

Despite carrying the Alzheimber’s gene, “DKF” experienced a radical remission from early-onset cognitive decline by making a set of lifestyle changes recommended by UCLA researcher Dr. Dale Bredesen. These changes included radically changing her diet, taking a personalized array of supplements, and changing her exercise and sleep routines. She is one of hundreds of people who have successfully reversed their Alzheimer’s or dementia by following Dr. Bredesen’s protocol. Here is her story in her own words…

She goes on to say:

Learning I was ApoE4 terrified me. I wasn’t sure where to turn, but I wanted help. That was when a family member sent me Dr. Bredesen’s paper “Reversing Alzheimer’s”, and from there everything changed. I started to follow Dr. Bredesen’s protocol, which includes:

  1. Exercise: 5-6 days per week for 30-60 minutes each day (if 30 minutes, then must be vigorous)
  2. Sleep 7-8 Hours (ideally 8), using melatonin and L-Tryptophan if night awakening.
  3. Fast (autophagy): 13-15 hours per day (between dinner and breakfast), including at least 2-3 hours before bed.
  4. Diet: I am following the MIND diet (which is similar to Dr. Bredesen’s version of the diet):
  • No processed foods
  • Nothing “white”: white flour, white sugars etc. (simple carbohydrates)…just whole grains
  • Leafy grains daily
  • Other vegetables daily
  • Berries (esp. blueberries)
  • Coffee daily (but stay consistent with the amount)
  • Nuts and seeds daily
  • Coconut oil/MCT oil daily (I put it in my coffee)
  • Olive oil daily
  • Avocados regularly
  • 1 glass of wine per day, red or white
  • Dark chocolate is ok
  • Limited red meat
  • Fish/poultry is ok – fish at least once per week
  • Limit/eliminate fast foods, pastries, sweets, cheese, butter and cream

5. Personalized supplements (based on his general recommendations and my own blood work)

6. Stress reduction: meditation, socializing, minimizing stress as much as possible

7. Intellectual engagement/learning etc. (e.g., I am re-learning a language, writing etc.)

I had absolutely no expectation of experiencing improvements, because I had not yet connected the dots about my cognitive changes. As a result, when the changes came (which they did with a vengeance), I was completely taken by surprise.

Please open this link to read the full article.

11 thoughts on “Healing Story of the Month: August 2017

  1. Hi Kate, I ran across your post while searching for glycemic index numbers on various fruits and veggies after reading Dr. Bredesen’s book. I’ve contacted the Bredesen folks about participating in the program and if I understand correctly, there’s a monthly charge to get further information (names of practitioners, testing sites). Am I understanding it correctly?


  2. Just catching up while Sleeping Beauty is resting. I will be giving this a go for both of us. Many thanks as always my friend for posting something that has real potential to help. It will be interesting to see what our MDT think of this and how we will measure the outcome!


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