6 thoughts on “The brain may be able to heal itself

  1. I haven’t listened to the Ted Talk as I can’t at the moment trying to ease Maureen’s concerns about my trip to London in 5 hours time.. I’m sure Maureen’s brain can repair itself but I’m in a race aginst time. Can I outrun the ongoing damge that is being done by her condition? It’s a marathon not a sprint: thank goodness I was a distance runner. I still am even with hip replacements: I reckon I’ll give it a run for its’ money


    1. Please accept my sincere apologies if this has upset you; having placed three people I love into care homes, I understand your deep sadness and distress.

      This TedTalk, though, I feel does give us some hope for the future, if not for those of us diagnosed right now, hopefully for my children’s future health. We still need hope, in spite of the sadness. ❤

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