The Science Behind the Bredesen Protocol

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 09.07.31It has been a long time since I published any blogs on this site, and although I had decided to merge it with my other website, I have not had the time, and in reality, nor the capacity to work out how to do it. But that is definitely not a life or death matter, which it is worth remembering, most things aren’t!

So today, I wanted to add a link to a video of the science behind the Bredesen Protocol, as I really believe it is worth watching on The MPI Cognition website which says:

“Want to know more about the Bredesen Protocol? The Bredesen Protocol expands upon the existing MEND protocol and incorporate Dr. Bredesen’s latest research to combat Alzheimer’s disease.

The Protocol provides a comprehensive personalized program designed to improve cognition and reverse the cognitive decline of SCI, MCI, and early Alzheimer’s disease. Continued research and testing by Dr. Bredesen began by evolving MEND, which has identified new and previously unrecognized causes of Alzheimer’s disease.”

The video is on the page that will open, if you open this link…

Dr Dave Jenkins is a doctor in Australia who has been taught the Bredesen Protocol, and whose work I strongly support and promote. You can read about Dave’s work here. He wrote in an email to me recently, which is something I have been saying for years in various ways as well:

“As you well know there is a kind of madness around this issue. I wonder what would happen if a slow growing brain  tumour was the second biggest killer and no one had successfully removed it in 50 years of trying and along came a respected surgeon who reports over 100 cases of successful removal?

I think it would be mainstream news for a long time and every neurosurgeon would be flying to see him operate and learn how to do it. There would not even be a trail as it would be deemed unethical to do nothing for the control group. 

I am getting up to speed with that you have so bravely been battling for years.

Thanks Dave, for your support, but most of all, for working so hard to promote another way to view and treat dementia, as there are not many health professionals bothering to look beyond the magic bullet (a cure), and support the pathway I (and many others with dementia) have taken since diagnosis, and it is truly a relief to find doctors and researchers looking at dementia differently.

Frankly, after almost 120 FAILED drugs trials to treat or cure dementia, this is the most sensible pathway for us all, if we have been diagnosed in the early stages of the disease process… until such time as researchers do find a cure.

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