A dose of reality from David Kramer

cropped-screen-shot-2015-09-18-at-5-28-17-pm4.pngWritten on Facebook by an online friend, David Kramer, a retired medical doctor and online  friend, I felt his comment, and the article he refers us to is of importance on my blog here. David says”

Help yourself to a free dose of reality! In spite of the misleading headline, the story is spot on. The best evidence is that there is NO cure, NO effective treatment, and NO significantly effective prevention. In spite of the conclusions, there is hope for the future and the study provides research recommendations.

Here is the link for the summary from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. https://www.nap.edu/…/Highlights062217CognitiveImpairment.p…I’m not a pessimist; I’m a realist. The bullshit about a cure by 2025 is exactly that, bullshit.

I’m not giving up. I have hope for more good years with my Alzheimer’s disease. I’m all for more quality research. I’m not impressed with misleading headlines about promising studies with mice. Call me back when those treatments are in phase 3 trials!

For me, it’s all about QUALITY of life, not quantity of life. I live, laugh, and love!

I do not have hypertension. I exercise regularly. I do the recommended cognitive exercises (even though the evidence for them is weak).So stop fretting over the latest snake oil lies (yes, I’m including the total garbage about coconut oil), get moving, learn new things, and…Stay tuned!

You can read the article David referee to in full by clicking on the title, What Can Prevent Alzheimer’s? Here’s What the Evidence Shows, and I’m almost sure David would agree, it is worth working towards being healthy and happy in every way that is possible within your own personal preferences or circumstances.

Personally, I do have hope for Dale Bredesen’s research, but in the meantime, thank you David for your constant encouragement to live beyond dementia.

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